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Top 10 Reasons for Online Coaching

October 5, 2018


  1. Online Coaching is available no matter where you are from being at home or being in the Sahara desert (as long as you have a signal of course). 

  2. You can exercise when and where you want to without having to change around your routine or schedule.

  3. You are totally flexible and have more freedom.

  4. It will most definitely teach you self motivation and give you a confidence boost because there is nobody but YOU who can push YOU.

  5. Its more private for people who are body conscious and don't want to be trained physically or be watched by someone.

  6. You make good friends with your coach and people in the online community program (PBG Community)

  7. You can sit in the comfort of your home with your coach at your fingertips who can answer and educate you on hand. 

  8. You can analyse how far you have come with the Online App thats provided for you.

  9. Things can be swapped and changed as everything is logged.

  10. For beginners, Workouts and nutrition plans can be accessed and or changed to suit the individual with instructional videos to different exercises.




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