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©2019 by PBG | Manchester, UK


PBG - Prepped by Galv has been established to provide professional quality advice, guidance and service to individuals from a wide range of backgrounds.

Our core services are focussed around our tailored In-App packages that include 1 to 1 Coaching and Nutrition & Training plans.


The ultimate aim is to assist clients in achieving their ideal physique whilst accomplishing their training goals.

PBG services are overseen by Paul Galvin (Level 3 qualified Personal Trainer) and delivered by himself or one of our highly qualified selected coaches.

PBG protocols are tailored and have proven effective in the service we offer.


PBG has developed the skills and techniques required over 15 years to provide an effective service to our clientbase in all aspects.

We pride ourselves on developing more knowledge and continuously refining our approach to ensure that it is current and relevant to each individual client.